About Us

This is my passion.

I want to create photographs that tell stories and show character; that capture light in fleeting moments and that encourages the viewer to explore further.

In 2013, an idea arose from a combination of my greatest passions; Scotland, it’s History and Photography. Within this small nation, there is so much diversity. A vast array of ancient historical landmarks in almost every corner brushing shoulders with Scotland’s ultra-modern architecture in our most cosmopolitan cities.  My desire to share these passions and my country with visitors and locals alike led to the birth of Photo Walk Scotland.

Urban or rural, Scotland’s skylines are truly breath-taking. Magnificent jagged peaks rising from the seas; blinding white sandy beaches, dark forbidding lochs seamlessly contrasting to the lively, storytelling backdrops of our famous cities. In experiencing Scotland, there is little wonder in the regard that it really is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

It is about those special moments I have with people and the environment I find myself in.

Scotland is a small country with a big history.  We can boast human habitation for over 14,000 years and although our ancestors are long gone, there are still traces of our ancient residents and visitors such as the Celts, Picts and Vikings.  We have hundreds of castles and fortified houses, ancient brochs, medieval abbeys and churches.  You simply cannot escape the history that shaped tis wonderful nation. 

With my love for Scotland and its history, everything naturally comes alive with a camera in my hand. There are no longer static journeys from Glasgow to Glencoe, Edinburgh to Skye; every trip, no matter how short, becomes a trove of potential photographic discoveries. Countless images patiently wait for us around every corner to be found.  Above all else, what really has become my passion, is the desire to help others get the most from their camera and their Scottish photography experience.

This is where the journey begins…

For the less experienced photographer it can be a little daunting to join a tour or workshop.   Many who do join us are taking their first steps out of their comfort zone and we feel that it is a great privilege to be able to offer help and guidance at this early stage of their photographic journey.  With a combination of shared knowledge and experience, and a little added creativity, the images captured with us will spark a new and exciting passion.

Talented and proficient photographers from all over the world regularly join our photography experiences. Our knowledge and passion for Scotland means we can take you to the very best locations, some well-known and others lesser-known that will both thrill and impress the discerning photographer.

At Photo Walk Scotland, we aim to make each and every experience as comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable as possible. No matter if you are an experienced photographer looking for a guide or a beginner starting out in the photography world, or even somewhere in between,  we take great pride in never compromising our values; and ensuring that everyone will take something positive away from their experiences.

Photo Walk Scotland is an open community where everyone is welcome.