The ‘Eastenders’ Experience

Details for The ‘Eastenders’ Experience

  • Meeting Place

    Museum of Modern Art (GoMA) on Queen Street

  • Duration

    4 Hours

  • Transport

    Walking Tour

  • Food

    Coffee Stop Included

  • Group Size


Glasgow is not a city famous for its history/historic landmarks, but guess what?  Glasgow has them by the bucketload.  Our Eastenders Experience will transport you back to our medieval past as we take a walk through the centuries   

The Cathedral dates back to the 12th century, the Tron Tower has been in constant use since its creation around 1593 and the Tollbooth Steeple dates back to the 1600s.  We haven’t even mentioned our very own ‘City of the Dead’ or Bonnie Prince Charlie camping on Glasgow Green.

This Experience offers a whole host of great and unexpected photo opportunities of this part of town and the camera will rarely be in your bag.  Expect wide city-scape panoramas, as well as intricate detailed images to be made too.

Price:£75.00 per person.
Meeting Point:Museum of Modern Art (GoMA) on Queen Street
Duration: 4 Hours
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